Summer Quick Fixes Saturday, Jul 17 2010 

This summer, the trend is all about laid back beauty.  Hair that looks undone and effortless such as naturally-looking soft, sexy waves and imperfect updos with a bit of roughed up texture.

Be nice to your hair when you want that do with texture.  Give it the hydration it craves, while creating style’s with this summer’s must have.  Try PhytoPlage after-sun moisturizing styling gel.  This formula intensely replenishes moisture to smooth and define curls or to create a smooth sleek ponytail.

Try Phyto Matte Texturizing Paste when you want definition with matte texture.  Create messy updos for hot summer hair!  Also a great way to get that naturally tousled-second day look, straight out of the shower.


Your Summer Hair Survival Tips Tuesday, May 25 2010 

Welcome to Sublime Salon’s first of many blogs about hair, beauty, and haircare products.

Summer is here and we have tips to help you protect your hair and scalp.

Exposure to the sun makes us feel good, but it can be very damaging to the hair.  Salt water, wind and chlorine make it worse.  After a few days of exposure, hair becomes dry, brittle and lackluster, color starts to fade, and blondes take on a greenish tint.  When the hair fiber has been damaged, unlike the skin it cannot repair itself.  It’s imperative to adopt the right sun protection to maintain beautiful hair and radiant color.

Here are some products that Sublime Salon recommends:

Protective Sun Veil by Phyto Plage for in the yard or on the golf course.

Protective Beach Spray best at the beach at the pool or on a boat.

More tips to come.